• Poetry readings. Live poetry readings and performances for community events, festivals, and gatherings. (See some examples of my poetry here.)

  • Virtual closing ceremonies. Participatory poems that invite audience contributions and weave together ideas and themes that reflect the values of your organization and event.

  • Community poetry workshops for all ages. Supportive workshops focused on reading and writing poetry in service of self-reflection, creative expression, connection, community building, and joy.

  • Outdoor education experiences for youth and adults. I am available to work with a class, group, or community organization to offer Inclusive, learner-and-nature-centered outdoor learning experiences that foster connection and critical thinking, connecting to a range of possible focus areas that match your learning goals, from community building to nature connection to science content. In my teaching, I will draw on culturally responsive activities and approaches from the BEETLES Project, my book How to Teach Nature Journaling, and my prior teaching experiences in mentoring teens.

  • Professional learning for educators and teachers. Workshops that model student and nature-centered teaching practices, focused on topics such as: foundational strategies for outdoor education, nature journaling, social-emotional learning in outdoor science, discussion facilitation techniques, using questions to guide meaningful learning, and implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Nature journaling workshops. Nature journaling experiences for groups of youth and adults, focused on observation, critical thinking, and nature connection; and professional learning opportunities for adults focused on facilitating nature journaling activities and techniques.

  • Consulting in learner-centered workshop, curriculum, and lesson design. I can bring my experience and expertise as an educator to support you to shape your program or lesson, focused on a broad range of content areas, including nature education, science education, transformational and self growth work, and more.